A Getaway to the Gateway of the west: St Louis

A Getaway to the Gateway of the west: St Louis


Things to do in St. Louis, the biggest city in the Missouri state. The city was founded by French fur traders and named it after Louis lX of France. It is a beautiful riverine city witnessing the merging of Missouri and Mississippi rivers adding beauty to the place by becoming an inland port.

Considered as the most visitor friendly, this place is a great escape to the coast for a wonderful experience. Thanks to the city’s low cost of living which makes it a budget friendly place. St. Louis is appealing to all ages with its vibrant food and variety of activities to engage in. Getting from one point to another is also a smooth sail because of colourful signs and therefore there is no navigation problem too.


Why only  St.Louis


Being the birthplace for ice cream cones and iced tea , this city has lot to offer for food, beer and fun. With 70 plus neighbourhoods to tour, this city will always put you on your toes and exploring here will leave you with an enthralling experience with its fusion of cultures. No matter what you like, you are sure to find an activity that interests you. This place has a lot to offer for sightseeing which leaves you awestruck. This place also has as a great convention corridor which makes the connect easy with friends and colleagues. With the diverse dining options and more cuisine to try it leaves no foodie bored.



Some options to travel around


·         Best options for travelling would be MetroLink and Metro bus. MetroLink is one of the country’s best transit systems which stops at many attractions giving a feast to the eyes.

·         There are plenty of taxis with uniformed drivers at the convenience of an application which can be easily downloaded.

·         Rental cars are another good option which cannot be forgotten.

·         Cab services are provided by companies like Uber which are also just a click away.


Few interesting places  to visit

·         Busch Stadium: Even if you are not a sportsman or a fan of the game, watching a game here  is great way to experience the enthusiasm of people around.

·         Forest Park : is the city’s largest park which is a home to many cultural places like the Zoo, which is recognised as a leading zoo in animal management and research. Forest park also is a home for a science museum and a planetarium.

·         St. Louis Symphony : is the second oldest symphony orchestra , founded in the 1800s.

·         Gateway arch: This is the world’s tallest man made arch which is a magnificent gleaming curve made of stainless steel.

·         Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis : Built almost a century ago, this is one of the largest in the world. Not to be missed for its massive mosaic collections.

·         City museum: This appeals to people of all ages , especially kids for its ‘Toddler Town’ , ‘Enchanted Caves’ , fun house and other attractions.

·         Missouri botanical gardens: A tree house to climb, a steam boat to board, a lime stone cave to explore, what is there  not to like about this place !!


Best time to visit


The best times would be April , May and September which would offer pleasant temperatures making it a pleasure trip.


Being centrally located and with an average of 490 plus daily flights, this place stands as one of the best choices for a quick holiday. Needless to mention about the warm and friendly people who make your trip more lovely. You will also be delighted to know that most of the cultural institutions are almost free and this makes St. Louis a perfect place to plan your trip.