Should You Book Flights Through Online Travel Site

The Best Choices for Flight Booking

Strangely enough and very frustrating not all comparison sites show the same results. Sometimes Skyscanner shows. For example, that one cheap plane ticket to Bangkok and not to Kiwi. Small low-cost airlines are not even included in the results list in some cases. Every website also has its own search functions. The order in which you use these tools does not really matter, as long as you compare it in both Google Flights, Sky scanner, Kiwi and Momondo. The prices can vary considerably. Below are the advantages of the comparison sites. So Should You Book Flights Through Online Travel Site ? Of course!

Find cheap airline tickets with Skyscanner

Skyscanner is very popular in this country. There are a lot of tricks in the search module that they use. You can search everywhere’ and find the cheapest destinations. It is very useful if you are tied to specific travel date. You can also set a price alarm for a specific date and compare all prices per day on a calendar.

What many people don’t know is that with Skyscanner there is also an option to show all ticket prices on a world map. This allows you to see at a glance what the cheapest tickets are for a certain month. You can find this ‘map’ function at the top right of the search menu.

Should You Book Flights Through Online Travel Site

Compare airline tickets with Kiwi

Kiwi is not very well known in the Netherlands but it is perhaps the fastest growing and most user-friendly comparison site for finding cheap airline tickets. In addition to being graphically attractive, you can also use a circle to visually indicate that you want to search within a certain region. The system then not only searches for tickets from Amsterdam Schiphol but also from Eindhoven, Brussels or Düsseldorf.

Moreover, Kiwi offers protection against cancellations, delays and changes even if you fly with different airlines. They will then offer you another flight to your final destination or refund the relevant part of your journey.

Find cheap airline tickets with Momondo

Suppose you have found a fantastic offer using Google Flights, Skyscanner or Kiwi or through another channel. You are convinced that this is the best offer that you will come across and is about to grab your credit card. You want to book that flight. Think again, and check if you can’t find the exact same flight or maybe even a better flight cheaper through Momondo. Often this can save a few dollars. Moreover, the offer of Momondo is much more extensive than with other search engines because they also include many low-cost airlines in their results. After an extensive search, you will usually book airline tickets at Momondo or Skyscanner.

Book airline tickets cheaply: Look at alternative flight routes and check the calendar

You now know which tools you can use to find cheap airline tickets. But what should you pay attention to? It can be a lot cheaper to fly from an airport other than Schiphol Airport. So also compare the prices with departure from another airport. Tickets are sometimes slightly cheaper at neighboring countries. If you live close to the border, it may pay to fly from Weeze Airport, Dusseldorf or Brussels. You can also fly from Eindhoven Airport to more than 70 destinations for little.