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The Best Refrigerator As Per the Requirement Now

If there is water in the refrigerator, this may be due to. This may be because the refrigerator is not properly installed or the food is stuck to the back of the refrigerator. In both cases, during defrosting, water will flow into the refrigerator and not into the melting pan. With the fridge repair cape town you need the best deal now.

The fault may also be due to a blocked hole in the defrost pan for example, there may be food debris. In this case, the water will not run off, but will drain into the cupboard. Some models have a small plastic clip that removes clogging and allows water to run through again. If your model does not have a plastic cleaning stick, you can use another narrow stick, but be careful not to pierce the hole in the melting pan.

Water flows from the refrigerator to the floor:

The defect can be due to warm air if the refrigerator is in a warm room or in direct sunlight. In all three cases, there will be as much ice forming in the cabinet and the defrosting tray next to the compressor will fill more quickly with water than it can evaporate. The water flows over the edge of the trough and finally under the refrigerator to the floor.

If the refrigerator does not freeze, the problem may be:

  • The fault may be due to a faulty cord, unplugged power, or a power failure. Please check these things first. If these three failures, the compressor will run, but the refrigerator will not light.
  • The fault may also be due to a blown fuse in the circuit board. In this case, replace the fuse. Note that there is no fuse in the refrigerator. Plug in another electrical appliance to check if the fuse is defective.
  • There may be a problem with the thermostat. In that case, the compressor will not run, but there will be light in the cabinet. First, check that the thermostat is turned to its coldest position and if so, the termotate may be defective.

If you have a standard thermostat in your refrigerator: Test the thermostat by turning it back and forth when you do so, the thermostat should “click”. If you do not hear a click sound, this may be due to a lack of pressure on the capillary tube or sensor. If your thermostat is defective, you can buy a new thermostat here.

If your refrigerator has an electronic thermostat: If your refrigerator has an electronic thermostat, the electronic thermostat or sensor in it may be defective. Most commonly it is a sensor that is faulty. You can find a new sensor for your refrigerator.

fridge repair cape town

The following can only be done by an authorized refrigerator repairer:

You can test whether the thermostat is defective by turning off the thermostat. You must always turn off the power first.

The fault may be in a faulty starter relay. In that case, the compressor will not start, but there is light in the refrigerator. The relay is closed in the compressor. Please note that there are several types of relays, so you need to check the exact model number of your refrigerator before ordering.