Tips To use fake piss To Pass A Drug Test

It is not always that you would have to get to the workplace all sober and non-intoxicated. Sometimes night can be a little crazy and at that time you consume a bit of drug or a bit of extra dosages of drugs. Usually, it is fine but not on the day when your employer is about to conduct the urine drug test. If there will be the presence of drugs in your urine sample then you will have a lot of trouble as you might lose your job.

The best way you can get rid of the problem is by taking the help of fake urine. These days, fake urine is being manufactured using the same ingredients as natural urine and this can save your job. There are many fake piss brands that you can choose but there are certain things that you need to remember forever.

Urine is a product that comes from inside the body and that’s why it is warm. We are not saying very hot but it is warm and that’s why usually any urine sample that is under 90 °F or over 100 °F will be discarded.

The best way to warm the sample is by keeping it inside the microwave for at least 10 seconds so that it can get warm enough to be felt like real urine and not a fake one. You also use hand warmers or heat of your own body to keep the sample warm. This will ensure that the sample is feeling like a real one. Obviously the authorities of tests are aware of fake urine and that’s why they are taking the temperature so seriously.

There is one problem with fake urine and that is, it loses its temperature quickly and that’s why you shouldn’t take too long to pour it in the sample collector. If you want to maintain the temperature then you have to pour it slowly to prevent any problem.

As we mentioned that authorities are getting aware of this fake urine and that’s why they are getting more and more cautious about its testing. This is the reason sometime you might get evaluated physically at the time of sample collection to prevent cheating. But don’t you worry as there are certain things that you can do like using a urine belt with a plastic tube or even a prosthetic penis device. With this, you will be able to conceal your synthetic urine under the clothes.