What Purpose does Elastic Ligatures Serve on Braces

Orthodontists use the elastic ligatures for your teeth to close spaces or to move specific teeth groups together at the same time. A wire ligature is the best choice for orthodontists to metal archwire tired securely into the bracket position. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the purpose of elastic ligatures on braces.

Rubber bands are the metal elastics or the small rubber, which surrounds the braces, these are technically known as elastic ligatures. The primary function of the ligature is to keep the archwire into the bracket position as well as directing the teeth in a peculiar direction, depends on the kind of the ligature used by the dentist and how the ligature is being tied onto the tooth.

Ligatures types:-

Elastic ligatures are available in different types:-

  1. Single elastic ligatures:-

The single elastic ligatures size is normally the same but they are available in a variety of colors. You should often approach the dental clinic for a dental check-up and your orthodontist is going to change your elastics at every visit because the strength of this ligature gets loose overtime. Moreover, it depends on:-

  • How your orthodontist tied the elastic onto your tooth?
  • A varying force degree is being applied to your teeth.
  • Effects of a lesser or greater adjustment degree to the teeth structure.
  1. Connected elastic ligatures:-

The connected elastic ligatures come in assorted strengths as well as in several colors. This elastic ligature is also called c-chain ligature or the power chain ligature. The orthodontist uses this ligature to cover the spaces between the teeth or to move the peculiar teeth group together at the bracket slot at the same time.

Sometimes orthodontist uses the wire ligatures which are stainless steel in the same way as their elastic counterparts. However, they provide considerably more force between the tooth and the bracket. The archwire will remain there in the bracket slot securely When your orthodontist aligned a tooth that may be turned or twisted. Therefore, a wire ligature is considered to be the preferred choice of ligature because it permits the orthodontist to keep the metal archwire tied securely into the bracket position.

  1. Selecting Colored Elastics:-

In this category, there are a plethora of colors available in elastics. The orthodontist allows the patient to select the color of their choice. Kids become happy when they choose elastic from a rainbow of colors. Whereas, adults choose either silver or the clear elastic for your teeth. The orthodontist is going to apply the elastic according to the preference of the patient.

The best choice of color is to select the corresponding gray or silver color if you choose silver(metal) braces. It’s sensible to consider that a clear elastic will become stained and seems to be discolored as well as dark and dull. If you choose Silver elastics then it will mix well with the metal braces and it does not become discolored or dull.

What should I do if I observe Broken or Loose elastic?

Whenever you notice the broken or loose elastic then you should fix an appointment with your orthodontist and get it changed. If you overlooked this issue then it will have a bad impact on your teeth or jaw line as well as on smile too. So you should get your elastic change timely.