Cold Press Juice and More for You Now

Are you looking for a healthy drink to accompany your meals? Want to do your body good with a healthy and affordable product? No need to search for the latest trendy tropical ingredient. Apple juice can be an excellent solution if you are pursuing a beauty goal (brighter skin, shinier hair, weight loss, etc.), or if you like just take care of your health. A visit to happens to be essential there.

Anglo-Saxons have a proverb that illustrates this idea well: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”; or “Eating an apple a day keeps doctors away.” You will quickly see that the reputation of apple juice is beautiful and well-founded.

A concentrate of nutrients

Apple juice is a real concentrate:

in mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium)

in nutrients and vitamins (malic acid, citric acid, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, PP, fiber, antioxidants, polyphenols)

What help you fight against free radicals and slow down the aging of your body.

We advise you to watch this extract from the Coup de food program, which sums up all the good things about apples very well.

Some see the apple as a symbol of love, others an allegory of women. Let’s start our quest for the benefits of apple juice by analyzing its health and beauty benefits.

The line or beauty virtues of apple juice

Fruit of desire and lust, the apple has first of all virtues in terms of weight control.

Find the line and fight against overweight

The apple has the particularity of containing a lot of pectins. Pectin is a fiber that has a very interesting property: it swells on contact with water and forms a thick gel which facilitates digestion.

This gel also has another function for the body: it brings a faster feeling of satiety, which will prevent you (if you are like us) from giving in to the call of snacking.

  • Then, calorie level, tell yourself that an apple contains on average only 50 calories per 100 grams, unlike the banana which contains 90.
  • Do you feel like you’ve overindulged on fat during a meal? Take an apple for dessert.
  • A useful dessert, therefore.

Finally, apple juice also has a significant diuretic effect. We will not talk about this point because studies have all shown that diuretic products only lose water and can also be dangerous for health.

If you want to lose weight seriously and in the long term, you will need to increase your metabolism and reduce your calorie intake.

  • Only that is true.
  • Do not confuse apple and apple juice.
  • Please note, apple juice has a higher glycemic index than an apple.
  • The “slimming” properties of the apple apply to the apple consumed in the form of fruit and not juice.

Indeed, depending on how you are going to extract your apple juice, it may be that you put aside the fibers, in the case of a juice in a centrifuge for example or a juice extractor. This will be less the case if you make a smoothie in the blender.

Also always keep in mind that a glass of apple juice made from 3 or 4 apples contains a lot of glucose (sugar). Would you have had the appetite to eat these 3/4 apples? Generally not … and this is a sign of an over-dosage.

Always remember to diversify your homemade fruit juices using studied and optimized recipes (the best is to mix fruits and vegetables, for example by combining your apples with spinach and cucumber. Do not make this head, c ‘is delicious.).