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Great Essence of the Electrical Services

The energy label notably indicates whether a device is easy to unplug. Take this into account when planning to purchase a new device. Are you going to buy a new TV? An LED TV is significantly more economical than a plasma screen or any other old technology. Each year you can save tens of euros. It is therefore interesting to do the accounts. Simply now Click Here to know more about it.

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Is your smartphone soldered to your hand? So be aware that your device’s battery can run out quickly. Here are some tips to save battery and therefore have less need to recharge it: put your smartphone in airplane mode during the night, deactivate Bluetooth if it is not useful, and eliminate energy-consuming apps that you do not need not use.

Overview of consumption in a bathroom

An invigorating shower or a relaxing bath: Dry your hair or trim your beard. You spend time in the bathroom every day. You will therefore not be surprised if we tell you that here too you can save energy. Do you fully enjoy a good hot shower? But you do not know what your consumption is? Get a shower timer, a convenient way to save water and energy. If you decrease the time spent in the shower by one minute, you will save no less than 12 liters of water. Do you forget to take into account the time spent in the shower? Get a shower timer.

There are many water and energy-saving showerheads. The water consumption of a shower can be reduced by 40%. By consuming less water, the need for hot water will also decrease. Do you know how much a shower costs? It is not necessary to take a shower every day. It is moreover not advisable for the skin and the hair to be soaped daily with shower gel and shampoo. You are not only preserving your health, but also your wallet.

In the first ten seconds, the shower jets are usually very cold. Unless you are a Scottish shower enthusiast, you will wait until the water is at the right temperature to enter the shower. You can collect this first amount of cold water in a bucket. This water can then be used, why not, to water the plants.

Are you building and are you going to renovate the bathroom? A sunken bath can be perfectly insulated with, for example, rock wool or glass wool so that the bathwater will retain its heat better. This will prevent you from adding hot water to maintain a pleasant temperature.

The bathroom is surely the warmest room in the house because it is not pleasant to get out of the shower and shiver. But in order not to heat the bathroom all day for the sole purpose of keeping it at the right temperature, you can install a backup heater to turn on when you occupy the room. Also, remember to insulate your bathroom well to keep it warm.

Which bulb is the most energy-efficient? The one that is not lit

Obviously, this will leave you in the dark. There are, however, a number of measures that can help you save energy while enlightening you. In rooms that are often lit, such as a living room or kitchen, it is better to use LED bulbs or energy-saving bulbs.