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Is there any solution to cure epilepsy without drug usage?

People who are suffering from epilepsy can try CBD oil. Patients have been recovered after using CBD oil. FDA has approved CBD as the treatment of epilepsy. The patients can use CBD in many ways. Some common way is using by Tinctures. Swallow a drop of CBD business  tincture under your tongue. Epilepsy patients can drink coffee while their treatment.

Epilepsy is the disease caused in the brain. If you feel that you have epilepsy you can conform by some methods.

When you have epilepsy disease sometimes you will feel like a short circuit in your brain. This short circuit will stop your brain function for some times. At that time you can hear or even you cannot sense any objects for a few minutes.

Why short-circuiting happens?

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There is an underlying reason behind the short circuit feel in the brain. Twenty to thirty percent of epilepsy patients are secondary to prior stroke head trauma or some infection in the brain. But the other seventy percent of person who affected by epilepsy had no underlying lesion found on brain imaging.

Secondary epilepsy can be potentially prevented for example if you prevent brain infection or a stroke. You can also prevent secondary epilepsy. And that may follow some illness at times. It is because of the imbalance of electrolyte or the person would have less glucose in their blood. For example, if a person’s body is a decrease in blood sodium and glucose levels are commonly encountered seizures.

Seizures are formed due to the high-level consumption of illicit drugs that include alcohol and cocaine.

How to treat epilepsy?

Some doctors say that 90 percent of epilepsy can be treated. We all know epilepsy is the illness of the brain. Treatment for this disease is only possible through antiepileptic drugs. But the medications that are prescribed for epilepsy should be taken for a long period regularly. Duration for the treatment may be three to five years continuously. For some patients duration for taking treatment maybe more than ten years and longer. But the treatment taken should be on time. At some time single-drug therapy is enough to get normal. But it is according to the patients’ health and the level of epilepsy in the body.

After consuming seizures it doesn’t mean to stop the medications. Because when you stop your treatment in the middle it can also reoccur. The main target is the control of the disease completely. Fifty to sixty percent of epileptics person is not cured more than ten years some patients are taking lifelong therapy and the antiepileptic medications can be stopped within three to four years.

The patients who did not take medication for epilepsy may become refractory and they will be said to have lifelong epilepsy therapy. Epileptic patients can continue their education works and other jobs. Girls who suffered from epilepsy can be married off and can have children and look after them. If the disease is controlled the antiepileptic drugs are safe and can be taken by the patients for long periods. And these drugs can also be used at pregnancy time for women.