The Finest Choices for the Perfect Masks

It was organized last minute, so choosing a simple Halloween mask to spend a night of scary witches is undoubtedly the most popular choice. The mask covers only the face, sometimes only the eyes and can be enriched with a dress, but it is not an obligation. It is possible to buy Halloween masks, but also to do them by hand. There are so many, you can be inspired by horror movies, by famous people, or you can focus on a minimal mask simply by creating decorations to draw and color, for example the classic spiders or the spider web. You can visit halloweenmaskrt for the best results now.


The party that is celebrated on October 31st is full of inspirations and suggestions you need to be guided by your own imagination to find the right mask. Below we offer you many ideas for frightening Halloween masks suitable for both adults, for whom you can certainly take inspiration from horror, rather than children, which instead can be fun to involve in coloring the mask. Online mini guide offers Halloween masks for women, men and children that all guests at the joke party will envy you.

If we want halloween mask that is original, we must definitely rely on DIY. Fortunately, there are several Halloween jobs that explain how to make a scary mask, because thanks to the manual ability it is possible to transform even the most banal disguise into a unique costume for the Night of the Witches. The indispensable material in this case, we advise you, is certainly the cardboard, but let us also prepares ourselves to empty that old trunk full of clothes because surely it contains something that we will need.

The 2019 halloween masks

The 2019 halloween masks can take inspiration from what is the success of last year, or the remake of the horror film. Whether you are inspired by Dakota Johnson or the original version signed by Dario Argento it doesn’t matter: long hair, separated by a clear line in the middle and uncovered forehead. 70s look with the iconic jacket, or the classic Suzy ballerina outfit with black body. A peacock feather crystal tip is indispensable.

If you want to be the scary Madame Blancbuy a black wig, pick up the hair at the top or buy a wig that already has this type of hairstyle, black high-necked dress. Or for Halloween 2018 you can turn into Miss Tanner with severe double-breasted jacket, gray hair and white shirt closed up to the last button. Another original idea is to take up the costumes of the Halloween movie, starting with Michael Myers, as on October 31st the new chapter of the saga will be released with Jamie Lee Curtis to resume his historic role.

This year was the year of the great return of the cult horror IT, with the second part, taken from the book of the same name by Stephen King, which meant that the mask par excellence was that of Pennywise, or the clown mask. Finding it in stores was and is very simple, as well as making it at home. For the hair, which is one of the key features of the clown, we advise you to buy an orange wig, in theory the hair can also be created with newspaper, but the operation can be more pungent and unsuccessful than expected.