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The Perfect Excavation Options for You Now

Excavators in the civil construction market are increasingly opting for the rental of machinery instead of purchase, and one of the most requested equipments for rental in the works is the excavators. They are able to demolish works, dig holes and ditches, remove debris and even dredge rivers. However, with so many models on the market, the first question that arises is: What is the best excavator model for my project? The excavators from YRCO did a fine job there.

To help you in this mission, we have separated some considerations that need to be taken into account before choosing the ideal machinery for your project. Check out incredible tips when choosing an excavator to rent

Check the space where the excavator will be used

excavators from YRCO

The first rule when choosing an excavator is to check the size of the location where it will be used. If it is a large project, such as the construction of a tunnel, for example, the idea is to opt for a super excavator. In the medium to small works, more agile and versatile machinery is needed. For this reason, medium excavators and mini excavators are best suited.

Analyze the machinery bucket

Did you know that the choice of equipment bucket can affect the entire progress of your project? This accessory has the ability to excavate and remove or move some types of construction material. However, it is now possible to find excavator buckets designed for specific operations. Always choose the one that best suits your needs.

Search for a credible rental company in the area

Look for a reference equipment rental company in the market. Degraus, for example, has been offering various models of excavators for rent since 1987. Our professionals are extremely qualified to help you choose the ideal machinery for your project. Since the launch of the first excavator in the early 1900s, a lot has changed. Not only changes in fuels but also the inclusion of embedded technologies have made excavators complex equipment.

In addition to these factors, there are also elements such as the ergonomics of the cabs and controls, monitoring equipment, hydraulic systems, etc. Such devices, despite greatly improving productivity, make the choice of such equipment a not so simple process. Therefore, we have prepared this content to help guide those interested in purchasing an excavator to make a good choice. Come on?

What are the advantages of having an excavator?

Excavators’ multifunctional equipment that are fundamental parts for the operations of public and private companies due to their basic implements: the blade and the subsoil. That is, the basics, such as:

  • Suppression of vegetation,
  • Construction of fire breaks,
  • Land cleaning,
  • Trenching,
  • Loading,
  • Detachment,
  • Grounding,
  • Grating,
  • Excavation,

Thus, there is no engineering activity that does not require any type of action involving excavators, whether public or private, see:

  • In rural areas, bulldozers are useful for maintaining roads and preparing land for agricultural cultivation,
  • In cities, both routine public management and infrastructure construction or maintenance activities require the work of an excavator.

That is, there are many job opportunities for those, for example, who rent equipment for specific purposes. Thus, the main determinant for choosing an excavator is the current cost compared to the future cost. That is, after the acquisition of the excavator.