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Tips on How to Choose an Electricity Supplier

Do you seem to be paying too much advance for electricity? Or are you moving to a new apartment? Or do you just suspect that you can save more by switching suppliers? How to choose it and what to focus on when choosing? The following will be happy to tell you. You can now Read More and come up with the best options.

Compare the price of electricity

The total price of electricity consists of two parts, the price regulated by the state and the market price, i.e. the price set by the supplier. The regulated price is a fee for electricity distribution and other services we cannot influence these fees by the supplier’s choice and we are obliged to pay them every month. What we can influence, however, is the specific price for electricity, i.e. the price at which all suppliers are competently ahead of their tariffs.

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When selecting a supplier, therefore, check how much you pay for 1 Mwah of electricity and what is the fixed monthly fee charged by the supplier. For example, with one of the currently cheapest Fonergy suppliers, you will pay a standard tariff of $ 1,140 per 1 Mwah and a fee of $ 20 D02d rate, household tariff, compared to $ 1,213 and a fee of $ 60.

Price development: fixation, guarantee or natural development?

If the vendor offers a fixable tariff, this means that the price valid at the time you sign the contract will remain the same for the duration of the contract. These contracts are usually concluded for 1 to 3 years. The contract can, of course, be terminated during the course of the contract, but then it is necessary to count on a possible contractual penalty or other sanctions for early termination.

The price guarantee is a marketing attraction for new customers. This is a situation where suppliers undertake to maintain a lower price compared to, for example, traditional suppliers or market price developments. Contracts are also concluded mostly for a definite period.

The last case is to let things prices run freely. This is a classic tariff where you enter into an indefinite contract that you can terminate at any time. The Freedom Prize is a price that develops in response to developments in wholesale prices. This can be both a price increase and a price reduction.

Client service

This point is not directly linked to the financial selection criterion, but we should not underestimate it when selecting a supplier. Have you received a wrong bill or have you not yet received an overpayment? Are you charged for a service that you did not order? All this will be handled at the customer line or at the customer center. And nobody likes to wait long minutes of the operator, from which we will not even receive an adequate response. The client service also includes bonus programs, discounts and rewards for loyal or new customers. An interesting bonus program can easily become the criterion of your choice.

Fees, fees, fees

No one wants to pay more than they have to. In this case, the supplier offers you an advantageous price for electricity, but when you examine the terms and conditions you will learn that you pay the activation fee, administration fee, fee for each even unsolicited SMS, for each invoice, for each contact with the supplier. The answer is clear: Do not take it.