Understanding You Choices for the Property Consulting

Among the real estate transaction trades, that of a real estate advisor is essential. He is an independent professional in charge of building his own portfolio and finding a property (land, apartments, houses, buildings, etc.) for his clients. He is the intermediary between sellers and buyers or owners and tenants and supports them throughout their project. The primary objective of the real estate advisor: to carry out as many transactions as possible and develop remunerative turnover. From TPG you can have all the supports.

The real estate agent is a professional who sells and rents real estate on behalf of their owners, who are incidentally his clients.

We offer a complete file dedicated to the activity of a real estate agents and all the information necessary to get started in this activity.

Become an independent real estate agent

Who can become a real estate agent?

To be able to embark on a real estate agent activity, you must hold a professional card, or two cards if you want to carry out the real estate transaction and rental management.


This card is issued by the prefecture of the place of exercise of the activity and is valid for 10 years. At the end of this period, it will be necessary to request its renewal.

To obtain the professional card, you must have the necessary skills, which results in:

  • obtaining a license (bac +3) or a BTS real estate professions (bac +2),
  • or experience of at least 10 years as an employee with a real estate agent, reduced to 4 years if you had executive status, and to 3 years if you hold a baccalaureate,
  • Next, the applicant must have a clean criminal record.

In practice, to request or renew your professional card, you should:

  • complete a CERFA form (number 11555 * 03 in this case),
  • to prepare the supporting documents to be annexed to the request,
  • and submit the completed file to the prefecture.
  • In return, the prefecture gives you a receipt.

This link will allow you to download the form and the information guide: real estate agent –

Conditions related to real estate agent activity

The activities of the real estate agent are governed by lawn ° 70-9 of January 2, 1970, called “Hoguet law” and its implementing decree n ° 72-678 of July 20, 1972. We offer a detailed reminder of the obligations specific to the profession of real estate agents here: the obligations of the independent real estate agent.

Conditions essential to the activity of a real estate agent   

To exercise the profession of the real estate agent, you must:

  • hold the professional card (see above),
  • obtain a financial guarantee,
  • open an escrow account if the activity requires the payment of installments paid by buyers,
  • and have professional liability insurance.
  • The financial guarantee of the real estate agent
  • The financial guarantee is compulsory when the real estate agent holds funds on behalf of his clients.

Its amount must:

Be at least equal to 30,000 euros when the real estate agent does not receive funds, or to 110,000 euros otherwise and be at least equal to the number of funds held when the real estate agent receives it. This last condition obliges the real estate agent not to receive more funds, at any time, than the maximum amount of his financial guarantee.